Evac+Chair Evacuation Chairs in Canada

Evac+Chair Evacuation Chairs in Canada

When it comes to safety in emergency situations, having the right equipment is crucial. Evacuation chairs are vital tools for ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their mobility, can exit a hazardous situation quickly and safely. In Canada, First Aid Supply Stores is proud to offer great quality evacuation chairs.

Our range of Evac Chairs is designed to meet diverse needs and environments, from high-rise buildings to healthcare facilities.

In this blog, we will explore why Evac Chairs are important, delve into the different models we offer, and answer some frequently asked questions.

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Understanding Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation chairs are specialized seats designed to safely transport individuals down stairs and through narrow hallways during emergencies when elevators cannot be used. These chairs are essential in buildings where individuals with limited mobility need safe egress options.

Why Choose Evacuation Chairs?

Evac Chairs are top-of-the-line in safety, design, and ease of use. Here are a few reasons why you should have evacuation chairs:

Safety Features

  • Robust Construction: Each chair is built with high-quality materials that ensure durability and stability.
  • Secure Restraints: Adjustable safety straps to secure the passenger during transport.
  • Smooth Operation: Easy to maneuver with minimal effort, even on stairs.

Ease of Use

  • Lightweight Design: These chairs are easy to deploy and transport.
  • Foldable and Compact: They can be stored in narrow spaces, ready for immediate use.
  • No Power Required: Manual options ensure that the chair is always operational even if there is a power failure.


Wide Range of Models: From the basic 300h to the advanced Power 900h, we offer chairs that cater to various needs and budgets.

Accessories and Customizations: Optional features and accessories to enhance comfort and functionality.

Our Evacuation Chair Models

Here’s a brief overview of the models we offer, designed to cater to different requirements and emergency situations:

1. Evac Chair Power 900h Evacuation

    The Power 900h is our most advanced model, featuring a battery-powered system that makes it effortless to handle, reducing physical strain on the operator and providing a smooth ride for the passenger.

    2. Evac Chair Power 800h Evacuation

    Similar to the 900h, this model includes a power-assist feature that helps in transporting passengers over longer distances or through more complex routes.

    3. Evac Chair 700h Evacuation Chair

    Designed for frequent use, the 700h combines durability with ease of use, making it ideal for large buildings like hotels or office towers.

    4. Evac Chair 600h Evacuation Chair

    A mid-range option that offers a balance between functionality and affordability. It’s perfect for schools and medium-sized offices.

    5. Evac Chair 500h Evacuation Chair

    This model is designed for lighter use but doesn’t compromise on safety and reliability. Suitable for smaller buildings or as a supplementary option.

    6. Evac Chair 400h Evacuation Chair

    An economical choice that provides basic functionality for buildings with simpler evacuation routes.

    7. Evac Chair 300h Evacuation Chair

    The most affordable model, perfect for low-rise buildings or small offices, where simple, straightforward evacuations are needed.

    Evac+Chair Evacuation Chairs (FAQ)

    1. Are evacuation chairs easy to use?

    Yes, all our chairs come with user-friendly controls and are designed for easy operation, even for those with no prior training.

    2. Can these chairs be used on all types of stairs?

    Our chairs are versatile and can be used on most staircases, including spiral and flared stairs.

    3. What about maintenance and warranties?

    We offer comprehensive maintenance packages and warranties to ensure your evacuation chair is always ready for use.

    4. How do I choose the right model for my building?

    Consider the size of your building, the complexity of potential evacuation routes, and the physical abilities of your occupants. Feel free to contact us for a consultation.


    Choosing the right evacuation chair is about more than just purchasing a product—it’s about ensuring the safety and well-being of every individual in your building. Our Evac Chairs provide peace of mind with their reliability, safety features, and ease of use.

    For more information, or to find the evacuation chair for your needs, email us at or call us at (866) 706 – 7283. We’re here to help you prepare for any emergency, efficiently and safely.

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